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Engine Rebuilding


From September 4th - 25th we are away on vacation. EXPECT ORDER DELAYS!! 
Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will respond after the vacation.


Attention: You can currently only order parts by e-mail. Use the link below!


Our stock and range is much greater than we can show here.

Please contact us if you can not find your type.


At Motoren Revisie Meijerink (MRM) you find everything for engine rebuilding at one company. So if you do have an engine problem we will give you a solution. When you want us to do recondition works, be ensured that we handle your parts with care. We always treat engines and specific components with care and we are always trying to find the perfect solution for an engine. We look after engine rebuilding tailored, for you or your customer. is an Engine Reconditioning Company with much experience for reconditioning of Old-timers and Exclusive cars. For the reconditioning of old-timer engines not only an extended number of machines and engine parts is necessary. In addition to that, you also need craftsmanship, experience and creativity. The engineers from MRM Meijerink have all obtained these skills.


On the left in the menu, you can choose your Brand and Car type. From the list of car types you can then choose operations, parts and overhaul services. At all available parts and operations are numbers or descriptions, so that they can be requested directly. It is also possible to provide tailor-made solutions. Remarks can be made so please note your questions, wishes and additional details.


Photo of a reconditioned engine block:


photo engineblock


Our stock and range is much greater than we can show here on our website.


So if you have questions about Operations, Parts or Brands, then please e-mail us your requests, and we will swiftly respond and answer.


You can reach us via telephone number 0031 (0)53-4319914, or contact us.