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Porsche Boxster 2.7i 24V (M96.22)

Quick Overview

Engine type: M96.22
Construction Year: 1999-2002
Number of cylinders: 6
Bore ø: 85,5 mm
Engine content: 2687 CC
Compression ratio: 11 : 1
HP: 220


Fuel Petrol
Construction Year 1999-2002
Bore 85,5 x 78
Number of cylinders 6
Compression ratio 11 : 1
Engine content CC 2687
Engine type M96.22
Car type Porsche Boxster 2.7i 24V series - Boxster 2700i 24 V (2.7)
HP 220
Piston MKP KS 94629601 - 85,5mm (85,505) - std
Piston MKP KS 94629611 - 85,5mm (86,005) - std
Piston Rings MKPR op aanvraag - ø 85,5mm - std
Small end bearings MKSB op aanvraag - semi
Cylinder Liner MKL op aanvraag - std 85,5mm
Conrod Bearings MKCB op aanvraag - std
Main Bearings MKMB op aanvraag - std
Valve lifter EU EH1884 (24x) (hydraulisch)
Valve intake MKIV op aanvraag - std
Exhaust Valve MKEV op aanvraag - std
Valve guide intake MKIG op aanvraag - std
Valve guide exhaust MKEG op aanvraag - std
Various engine parts 99110281 - Distributieketting duplex
Various engine parts 99110282 - Distributieketting duplex
Various engine parts SW 99110282 - 99110283 - Distributieketting duplex
Valve stem seal IS P76662 (24x)
Gasketset complete 01-35343-01
Gasketset complete RZ 01 35343 01
Headgasket MKHG EL 233.230 - Cilinder 1 - 3
Headgasket MKHG EL 233.210 - Cilinder 4 - 6
Conversion Gasket EL 036.161 (vloeibaar 100gr)
Gasket various 70-31414-00 klepdekselpakking - std
Gasket various 183.310 (x2) Spruitstukpakking uitlaat - std
Gasket various EL 187.341 (x6) Spruitstukpakking inlaat - std
Crankshaft seal ring front 81-35354-00
Crankshaft seal ring behind 81-35353-00
Piston Pin Bushings MKSB op aanvraag - semi
Parts Components not found? Request at comments!
Operations Cylinderhead skimming
Operations Valveseat refacing
Operations Valve grinding
Operations Fitting new guides
Operations Place new hardened valve seats
Operations Cylinderhead testing for cracks
Operations Mounting / Assembly/ of valves
Operations Valves adjusting (non-hydraulic)
Operations Block skimming
Operations Cylinder drilling
Operations Placing new cylinders
Operations Block testing for cracks
Operations Crankshaft grinding
Operations Crankshaft balancing
Operations Crankshaft nitriding
Operations Small end bushing replacement conrod
Operations Connecting-rod check for straightness
Operations Checking groundbore connecting-rod
Operations Line boring engine
Operations Welding / crack repair
Operations Revision not found? Request at comments!
Operations Complete engine overhaul ( make an appointment )